"Whether it's kicking a nostalgic brand like our Operation game into today's world or creating an all new expression, you are always in the best hands with Tactix. You'll be consistently surprised at how fun, exciting, and cohesive your look can be. Tell them your goals, have a quick chat, and let 'em rip!
- Mike Swiatlowski, Senior Art Director, Hasbro, Inc.

“You do fantastic work! Thank you!”
- Anton Klusener, Art Director, Forbes Magazine

“Better ATM called on Tactix Creative to build our entire brand from the ground up. They taught us how to communicate our company's products and new tech offerings in a brilliantly straightforward manor. They did their homework within our market, and were able to fine tune our message and identity across all of our print and web based communication. They have become a highly trusted ongoing partner in our success.”
- Derek Cook, CFO, Better ATM Technologies

“You are some of the most talented individuals I know”
- Cabell Harris, President, Work Labs.

"Over the years Tactix has been by my side with Marketing, SEO, Videos, Web Management, Strategies and more. They even connected me with some of their contacts that eventually became lucrative clients. I could not be where I am today without them. I truly feel they are part of my team. When we succeed they are there cheering us on. More importantly, when we fall short, they are there to analyze and help us correct our mistakes. In our first years of business, we had growth over 600% each year, partially due to our solid visual branding. First impressions are everything with our clients, and Tactix helps us close our deals with an memorably impactful look and feel. When young entrepreneurs come to me and ask me how I did what I have done, I point them over to Cam and Paul at Tactix and know they will be in good hands."
- David Pickron, CEO, Crimshield, Inc.

"Foresight contracted with Tactix to completely rebrand the company. We needed to transition visually from looking like a small local business to a larger more cutting edge, corporate entity. They did this for us with flying colors! We counted on Tactix for the complete redesign of our website, logo, business cards, vehicle wraps, sales materials and anything else customers would come in contact with. They were light years ahead of the other companies we considered using. I highly recommend Cam, Paul and the team at Tactix to handle any size of job!"
- Brian Lavender, Owner, Foresight Systems Inc.

“Waiting for those first ideas from you is always so exciting. I'm addicted! Might have to get a tattoo just so you can design me one!”
- Sally Crewe, President, Cyberjack.net

"Tactix recently completed a complete overhaul on our web presence, putting their hard won knowledge to work for us. Their creative work and the presence they have created has increased my close rate by at least 60 percent. Winning the mind of a potential customer has become infinitely easier thanks to Tactix and their well planned and thoroughly researched approach."
- Scot Aubrey, VP, Crimshield, Inc.

“You killed them! Seriously. The client scrutinized deeply and just loved it. It’s a tough crowd and you knocked it out of the park!.”
- Anthony Arnold, Art Director, Hothead Creative

"A major shift in our branding occurred after meeting Tactix Creative. Our brand is now focused and defined. Rainforest Plumbing & Air now has it's own unique style combined with the consistency of a brand that leaves a lasting impression."
- Ike Tippetts, Owner, Rainforest Plumbing & Air

“You're design geniuses... this is better than we could have ever hoped for!”
- Andy Lerner, Pres., Radio in the Nude